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But focusing on impact isn't enough. We make sure to add vision as well as a robust record of project development, community engagement, and philanthropy management to our approach.


  • What are you trying to achieve?

  • Will your organizational strategy align with these objectives? 


Working with Anne Caroline isn't about hiring an independent contractor; "By working with you, I become an integral part of your team. My unique approach enables businesses and organizations to achieve their desired impact." 

With a strong belief that change happens at the local level, Anne Caroline, Inc. was founded in 2014.

"We saw the need for qualified individuals to be able to 'jump in' on projects, assist with specific assignments/transitions and train new team-members."


Our model: we are forward thinking, solution oriented, lean, dynamic and as you may have guessed it, impact-driven. 


With a background in both the for-profit and non-profit sector, Anne Caroline offers a unique approach to both.

How do we describe ourselves? We are social impact strategists and philanthropic advisors. In short, we work on projects that will generate the greatest social impact in the community/world and advise donors on how to best realize their envisioned impact. This is commonly done through partnerships with existing charities/non-profit organizations as well as through special events, community engagement initiatives and project development.

We believe in the power of individuals and groups coming together for a greater good and do so by bridging the gap between individuals, families, businesses & charitable/non-profit organizations.

Impact is at the Heart of everything that we do!


Some of Our Services

Conscious Business Solutions

With a focus on impact, we are here to assist you with conscious solutions!

Event Planning and Management

Leading and assisting with events, anywhere from 50 and up to 6,000 attendees.

Cause PR &


Strategies that align with your Mission, Cause, Impact and Community Partnerships.. 

Outside the Box Solutions

Do you have a specific need and/or project but aren't sure how to get it done?

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