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What makes our approach different?


At Work

Since our founding in 2014, we have worked on dozens of projects with strategic partners. From non-profit fundraisers to large event management, one thing stands out - we LOVE to work with teams. 

Are you looking for an expert to join your team and lead your next event?


Or do you already have a team in place and need an extra set of hands to support your next event


We are here to help!


We are flexible, come with a strong set of resources, have a great sense of humor and can adapt to various environments. 

Meet a few of our partners:

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In the Community

We believe in not only talking the talk but also walking the walk! 


This means that we are highly involved in our community and believe in the importance of being an "active citizen". As such, we are never afraid to ask the "hard questions" and always looking for ways for everyone to have a seat at the table. 


From volunteering for different causes to serving in a more official matter and receiving several awards, here are a few examples: 

Official Member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Health and Human Services (Palm Beach County)

- Board member of the Human Trafficking Coalition of Palm Beach County

- Recipient of Peace Prize Award, presented by Wellington's Rotary Club (2021). 

- Recipient of the Community Spirit Award, presented by the Palm Beach County Non-Profit Chamber. 

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