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Social Impact Strategist, Philanthropic Advisor 
and Community Engagement Specialist

Meet Anne Caroline

Hi and welcome to Anne Caroline, Inc.

As you've probably guessed it, I'm Anne Caroline. 

I am a vision-driven change agent with a strong record of project development, community engagement, and philanthropy management success for leading organizations.  

Whether you are a business, family foundation or non-profit organization, I look forward to putting my experience across multiple sectors to work for you!

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What We Specialize In

Community Empowerment



Event & Project 


Philanthropic Advising

Marketing and Visual

Content Creation

Inventive, meticulous and
driven social impact strategist 

“Your aptitude to efficiently connect groups from different sectors is spectacular. Our team looks forward to our next project together.”

- L.S.

“I am personally so grateful for your patience with my questions and concerns during the grant application process. You are so gracious; your passion for helping others is so evident.”

- A.D.

“Once again, another great event that you made seem effortless. You have that wonderful quality of making everyone feel like your personal special guest!”

- C.L.

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Image by Jay Mantri
Image by Jay Mantri

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